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Quotes From
The Power Of Praise And Worship

By Terry Law with Jim Gilbert [copyright 2008]

This book is a powerful teaching on Praise and Worship in practical terms.  Terry Law [with Jim Gilbert] shares deeply personal tragedies through which he has come as well as many hair-rising adventures.  Through it all Terry Law has grown closer to Jesus and learned the power of praise and worship.  Enjoy the quotes below taken from the book, but you will be robbing yourself if you do not get a copy of the entire book!

Bible in Forest With Sunlight
Praise And Worship

Purchase your copy here.

When a preposterous, faith-stretching word is spoken it’s important to refrain from “helping” God make it happen.  

Satan attacks you only because you bear the image of the One whom he truly loaths.  He is waging a war to erase God’s image wherever it is displayed, hence his hatred for you,  And the best way you can fight back is to reflect that image, the blinding light of God’s glory, right back at him.  That is what happens when Christians praise the Lord.

Praise is a reversal of original sin, a direct rebuttal of satan’s vow to “be like the Most High” [Is. 14:14].  Psalm 22:3 says the Lord is “enthroned in the praises” of His people.  Our praises are the throne from which He chooses to exert His authority.  Satan, and Adam after him, tried to dethrone God.  Praise enthrones Him.

St, Paul makes it clear that, from individuals to entire cultures, strongholds are primarily thought patterns.

Your eyes are a gateway to your heart and mind,  You must guard them, like King David, who said in Psalm 101:3 “I will set nothing wicked before my eyes.”  David learned this principle the hard way, through.

A song of praise on your lips is a safeguard for your mind.  It causes you to see things from God’s point of view, so that “the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart [may] be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer” [Ps/ 19:14].

“Claiming that the USSR was a good system run by bad people is like saying hell is a nice place plagued with hot weather.” [quote from a friend of Terry Law]

The celebration of God is simultaneously an act of war.

The Bible ultimately challenges its reader not to accept, but to surrender to, the fact that it is God’s Word.

God’s Word must become your final authority in all of life’s decisions

Thoughts and intents are the battlefield of the spirit, and in terms of spiritual warfare, the issue of biblical authority is the “mother of all wars.”

God demands unconditional surrender, both to the written Word and to Jesus, the living Word.

It’s impossible to overemphasize the enormous power of God’s Word in your life.  It is also impossible to overstate its importance.  That is why, in John 14:23, the Lord said, “If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him.”

Your love for God’s Word is the measure of your love for Him.

There must come a time when you make a deliberate choice to launch the warhead of God’s Word against the stronghold of the devil.  

The Word that lives in your heart, spoken from your lips, will tear down the devil’s strongholds.

Too many Christians have known the agony of defeat without tasting the thrill of victory.  One of your greatest learning experiences will be to see how quickly satan flees when you fire God’s Word at him.

In fact, of all the prayers Jesus prayed, He addressed God as Father in all be one.  When He hung on the Cross, and sin separated Them, He cried our, “My God, My God.”  But in every other instance He prayed, “Father.”

Check the statistics of any nation in decline, or of one trying to rise from the pit, and you will see that [a] marriage is in trouble, and [b] manhood, especially head-of-the-house fatherhood, has withered.  Take away fatherhood, and you kill womanhood, childhood, brotherhood - the entire neighbourhood.  Shoot the head, and you’ve killed the whole body.

When God delegates something to us, we are made responsible for it.  The Name of Jesus has been given to the Church, and the Church therefore is responsible for its use.  We are also help responsible if we do not use it.

This makes many common prayers redundant, like asking God to do something we have been commissioned to do.  God waits for us to do something about the devil.  He waits for us to cast out demons.  Nowhere in the epistles is there any verse that encourages us to pray to God about satan.  Jesus did everything there was to do about the evil one and his works, and then He sent the Holy Spirit to empower us to continue on to greater works.

You have the power to not sin, because you have been given the name of Jesus to successfully resist the devil.

“Jesus” is truth’s real name.

Don’t confuse guilt feelings with a spirit of conviction.  True conviction takes place when God clearly shows you your sins and invites you to repentance.  Guilt, on the other hand, is satan’s weapon to keep you from learning to live consistently as a Christian.  Guilt drives you away from God, not toward Him.

Accusation is the devil’s primary weapon against you.

God has given you His righteousness as a gift, and it is yours no matter how you feel: guilty, depressed, rejected, or worthless.  It is yours the moment you place faith in Christ as Saviour.  It cannot be added to or improved upon by God or man.  You receive it strictly on the basis of faith alone.  God has made you righteous in spite of how you perform.  You are as righteous as Jesus Himself!

The fact is, we hate most in others what we hate about ourselves.

Your testimony is the hyssop that applies the blood of Jesus to your life.

That’s the nature of praise.  It draws our attention away from our problems, no matter how overwhelming they are, and lifts our gaze to God.

God has sovereignly chosen, in certain instances, to limit His work to our prayers, If we will not pray, He will not work.

God wants us to ask Him, to consult and cooperate with Him in carrying out His will in the earth.  The prophet Amos bore eloquent witness to this fact: “Surely the Lord God does nothing, unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets” (Amos 3:7).

On your knees in prayer you can assist missionaries in the most remote corners of the world.  You can dispatch help to prisoners behind bars, invokes peace in troubled neighbourhoods, and seed the clouds over arid lands.

So many Christians think that somehow God is on trial and that they have to defend Him, convincing skeptics with undeniable proofs that Jesus really is Lord.  But God doesn’t need a lawyer; He wants a witness.

The Spirit’s power was given to make us witnesses, to launch our spiritual weapons and win a war.

Yet many believers are cheated out of their personal testimony because they don’t think their story is as sensational as someone else’s.  What a devilish lie.  Every testimony is a witness to God’s power.

Your mouth is the launch pad from which you fire the weapons of God’s Word, Jesus’ Name, and the Blood.  Your tongue, therefore, is very valuable territory, and satan would love to destroy it, or better yet, capture and use it for launching his own weapons of mass destruction.

The Bible in fact does not command us to thank God for the devil’s work.  Rather, we are encouraged to thank God in the midst of whatever is happening, no matter how dreadful it may be.

Thanksgiving is one of the manifestations of the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

There can be no relationship with God without praise.  Furthermore, praise is never impersonal or even objective.  In fact, although God is objectively glorious - His glory is complete whether we worship Him or not - praise is always personal and subjective.  

Biblical praise is always audible and public, and in my experience, often excited.

Whatever we worship we eventually will wind up serving.  That’s because the more we worship something or someone, the more we increase our level of commitment, and the more we become like the things we worship.

Your failure wasn’t the end after all, but the beginning.  Those “greater works” that Jesus talked about - they’re still in your future.  They’re your destiny.  And now your realize: Those aren’t scars on the Master’s hands. They are the marks of resurrection.

This is in fact the ultimate purpose of every sacrifice commanded by God - to point to the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ, and the complete satisfaction [propitiation] of God’s justice by the shedding of His blood.

God requires your sacrifice of praise, at precisely what seems like the worst moment, because it reveals Christ Jesus in your life.  In other words, it’s how He shows up!

But God has commanded the sacrifice of praise, and if it doesn’t cost you something, it isn’t a sacrifice.

But true praise, although it may include emotion, is an act of the will.

You cannot succeed as a Christian without recognizing the importance of choice in offering a sacrifice of thanksgiving and praise.

When you offer thanksgiving and praise to God in the midst of suffering satan finds it utterly nauseating.  And not only will the Lord deliver you - your captor will be glad to see you go.

The Scriptures are quite clear that praise is man’s only avenue of access to God.

If we go to church to enter God’s presence, but do not enthrone Him with our praises, then the service is null and void.

Our praise, as one people joyfully gathered in His name, is God’s favourite place to rest and relax.

Your sacrifice of praise, more than anything else, means that you constantly glorify God by continually saying the same thing with your mouth that He says in His Word.

Whoever controls the mouth takes dominion.

The sacrifice of praise is in essence a good confession focused upon the Person fo Jesus.

You can only confess those things in Scripture that are His expressed will for you.

The high priesthood of Jesus Christ is directly linked to the confession of your mouth.

We need to see that the Bible dedicates more space to our response to God than it does to doctrinal belief.

But God has given you the ability to respond - responsibility is response ability - and exercising it is your first step to freedom.

Joyful feelings are not the goal of praise, but the byproduct.  If a “praise experience” becomes our goal, we will miss our destination altogether.

Worship is the reason you exist.

In celebrating God your body must be brought into submission from the start.

Since worship is for God, only He can judge how good it is.

Praise, then, takes you beyond what God has done for you to Who He is.  

Worship, however, is a matter of God’s sovereign choice.  You can decide to praise God, but then you must await His divine invitation to actually enter into worship.  It is His and His alone to initiate.

This is the purpose of praise and worship, to waste our greatest gifts at His feet.  The wondrous fact that He should grace us with His presence is the greatest miracle.

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