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Are You Selling Your Spiritual Inheritance?

See that no one is sexually immoral, or is godless like Esau, who for a single meal sold his inheritance rights as the oldest son. Heb. 12:16, NIV

In Christ God has given us the overwhelming inheritance of all that He has and all that He is and future rewards as well.  We have an inheritance that is beyond our ability to comprehend.

Often we put a price on it.  Like Esau, we are willing to trade it away for present pleasures or satisfaction.  

I am reminded of the story of the man who asked a woman if she would sleep with him for one million dollars.  After thinking about it she agreed.  Then he asked if she would do it for ten dollars.  She responded indignantly, “What kind of woman do you think I am?” He replied, “That has already been established.  Now its just a matter of price.”

Selling our spiritual inheritance is something Christian do when they are uncommitted and want one foot in the world and the other in the Church.

If there is any sin for which we are willing to trade our inheritance in Christ then its “just a matter of price.”

But some will say, you don’t know how strong my temptation is.  Those drugs, that porno, my temper, the bitterness gripping my heart...  It is just too difficult to give up.  I can’t do it.

If that is just an excuse to continue doing what you want to do anyway, then Grow Up and quit selling the eternal riches of your inheritance in Christ.  You are selling mansions for pennies!

If you genuinely believe that a particular sin is too difficult for you to overcome, then you also need to Grow Up but in a different way.  You need to learn the Word of God and believe it.  The Truth will set you free.  The Truth is that Christ conquered every sin and that He now lives inside of you.  The Truth is Jesus Christ has given you the power and responsibility of choice.  Anytime a Christian sins, it is because he or she chooses to sin.  Satan wants to deceive us into thinking it is too powerful for us, we have no control, etc.  The Word of God calls him liar and we should too.

Since we are in Christ, to say a sin is too powerful for you is to imply that it is too powerful for Christ.  That is Satan’s fantasy, not reality.  We should not be buying into it.  Instead we need to work at understanding our identity in Christ Jesus.  We need to see Who we really are now that we have been saved.  We need to see how God sees us.

Often we hang our heads and say, “I’m just a sinner saved by grace.”  That is a partial truth.  I was a sinner.  I was saved by grace.  But that is not Who I am now.  Now God Himself calls me a saint.  Now I stand in the righteousness of Christ - as righteous before God as Jesus Himself.  That is Who I am [and Who you are as a born-again Christian].  

The righteousness of Jesus Christ - not our past failures - is the foundation from which we are to face temptations.  Temptations that are a trust from God.  That’s right God does not set you up for failure.  He only allows us to face temptations He knows we can defeat.  The temptation is the opportunity to experience and see ourselves the way God already sees us!  God would never allow any temptation into your life that He does not have full confidence that you can defeat and experience the joy of victory.  [By the way, Satan also knows you can defeat it.  You are the only one with doubts!]

It is time we stopped selling our inheritance.  It is time we stopped believing the lies of Satan.  It is time we stopping living on our past failures.  It is time we started valuing what we have in Christ Jesus.  It is time we discovered the Truth.  It is time to start living from the righteousness of Jesus.

If you struggle with who you really are in Christ, then do a Bible study on the subject.  Discover how God sees you…and He can’t be wrong!  Also invest in yourself by reading Eyes Of Honor by Dr. Jonathan Welton and books by Neil Anderson such as Victory Over The Darkness.  

For stubborn sins seek help, prayer and counsel from Godly men and woman in your church or local community.  Victory is not a dream, it is to be a reality in your life.

For more information about Glenn Davis see our About Glenn page and/or his Author's Page.

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