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Practical Spiritual Warfare
Lesson One

Welcome to the first lesson in Practical Spiritual Warfare.  God loves you.  He wants you to be prepared, but He does not want you to walk in fear or ignorance.  There is a lot of misinformation which appeals to the flesh through sensationalism surrounding this topic.  You will be led step by step through a solid Biblical understanding of this war.  You will learn who is responsible for doing what.  You will learn your role in this conflict.  Most of all, you will learn that It's God's War.

You MUST have the textbook, It's God's War by Rev. Judson Cornwall, to do this course.  If you do not have it yet, you can purchase it through the link on the textbook page here.  

For Lesson One read the following sections in your Textbook and do the questions below.  The questions are in chronological order.

Bible in Forest With Sunlight

Read the Preface and Chapter One and answer the associated questions.  You may write the answers to the below questions in a notebook or on a computer file.  You may also print them off here and work from a 'hard' copy.  God bless.

Lesson One Questions

Before beginning this course, write a paragraph describing your current understanding of Spiritual Warfare.


Preface and
Chapter One

Read the Preface and the first Chapter:  Whose War Is It Anyway?

1. David had learned that God is always ____________________, and that those who love and serve Him are always victorious as well.

2. We had what I consider to be an overemphasis on resisting the devil in what some evangelists called “____________________ services.”

3. We need not concentrate on demons or their activities, nor spend our time worrying about how to overcome them, for ____________________ has overcome them, and through Him we are “more than conquerors” (Romans 8:37).

4. The spiritual warfare emphasis is not primarily for the sick and suffering, nor for individuals bound with evil spirits, but concerns itself with taking authority over “____________________ spirits” over cities and nations.

5. The full armor that Paul was describing here, however, was ____________________, not offensive armor.

6. The ____________________ action required of every believer includes praying, supplicating, watching and persevering. In my view, however, we must direct all these actions to God, not to Satan.

7, If we can bring our ____________________ into obedience to the Word of God, we can defeat the devil, pull down his every stronghold in our own minds, and live in the victory Christ died to provide for us.

8. I feel no need to ____________________ Satan’s kingdom before God’s can be built.

9. God’s ____________________ is still sufficient for every sin.

10. Our relationship with God has implanted a divine ________________ within us, but instead of delivering a child of worship, praise, and adoration, we choose to spend our time pursuing enemies—real and imagined.

11. ____________________ warfare occurs when we exalt Christ in righteousness and faith.

12. When these ministers of God went into an area with the Gospel, it produced ____________________ effects that even the non-Christian press was forced to report.

13. The work we do for the Gospel should produce _________________ results.

14. He created us to dwell in a living and loving ____________________ with Him and to praise and worship Him.

15. God did not make us for fighting; He made us special creatures of His ____________________.

16. According to the book of Revelation, it is ____________________ war.

17. Repeatedly (five times, according to Isaiah 14), Satan lifted his ____________________ above the will of Father God, and this became the basis for the conflict.

18. The length of the conflict…suggests that He has chosen to use Satan as a means of ____________________ His people and as a catalyst to drive us to the arms of Him Who created us.

19. It is ____________________ Who is the Captain of God’s army.

20. Getting to ____________________ Him better is far more important than anything else we must learn.

21. No believer need be ____________________ in this conflict.

22. Christ’s Kingdom is a kingdom of ____________________ and ____________________.

23. Paul did not see our victory as something we gain through ____________________, but as something we obtain through __________ Christ Jesus.

24. The action God has required of every one of us is to believe in His ____________________ work.

25. If our faith is in God, that faith makes a complete cycle and brings into ____________________ what God has promised.


1. Memorize Matt. 11:28-29

2. Do a Devotional Meditation on 2 Cor. 10:4-5.

[The Feed Yourself course explains how to complete these assignments.]


If you did not register on the main page, you may do so here in order to receive the instructions on finding the password for the lessons.  You will need the textbook to find the password.

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