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Christian Insanity

“Bind up the testimony, seal the law among my disciples...To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.”  Is. 8:16, 20

    Many Christians [in North America, at least] wander through life clueless.  They don’t know why divorce and abortion rates are almost the same in the church and the world.  They don’t know why the church is divided over homosexuality.  They can’t figure out why the “war of poverty” creates more poor.  They are amazed that the “war of drugs” increases the drug problem and harms innocent people.  They surrender to oppressive laws in the “war on terrorism” and wonder why terrorism increases and freedom disappears.  They are clueless.

Trying to make the world's solutions work instead of looking into the Word of God is Christian insanity.

    Someone has defined insanity as:  Doing the same things, but expecting different results.  If they are right then there is a lot of insane Christians.  They think by putting God’s Name on humanist programs that somehow the programs will work...this time.   We need to wake up. 

    The situation is not made any easier when Christian leaders tell their people that the Bible gives them general “principles” but no specific directions for the design of life.  They do this by dismissing the Old Testament as not applicable today...almost.  They will pick Old Testament verses that they like, but any that they don’t like somehow don’t work in the New Testament era.  Homosexuals and others have picked up on this contradiction.  They charge Christians as quoting Old Testament Scriptures against homosexuality, but ignoring the verses giving the death penalty for adultery and other sins.  Unfortunately, they are often right.  The Bible is misused to promote a “conservative” agenda with no real regard to promoting the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

    The above verse is very blunt.  Anyone who does not go to the Law and the testimony has no light in them.  The testimony is often another name for the Ten Commandments which is a summary of the Law.  We cannot reject God’s Law and still legitimately claim to be Christians.  If Jesus is Lord and King then we must obey His commands as found throughout the entire Bible.

    Instead, many Christians, having rejected the Law as somehow not applying in today’s society, have insanely followed humanism’s program for dealing with poverty, crime, drugs, terrorism, and everything else.  Humanism’s answers only make the problems worse, but we continue to promote them...only in the name of Christ.

    The only answer for any and all of the world’s problems is a return to Biblical Law.  We must become students of the Law and discover how it is to be applied in current situations.  God gave us a case law system so that the Law could be applied in every age and in every culture.

    Case Law gives practical examples of how a Law or series of Laws work in a concrete situation.  We can study the example and learn how to apply the Law in other situations.  Paul did this in the New Testament [showing that the Law is not just for Old Testament times] by quoting case Law [Deut. 25:4] and showing how it applied in different situations [1 Cor. 9:9, 1 Tim. 5:18].  If it was good enough for Paul, then it ought to be good enough for us!

    Christians have got to get off the humanist roller coaster they have insanely jumped on.  They must begin studying and applying the Law in every area of life.  This is not some new doctrine, but the general teaching of the Church until about 100 years ago.   The great attacks on Christianity in the late 1800’s and continuing into the 1900’s have succeeded in dividing Christians from the Bible.  Christians no longer have confidence in the integrity and practicality of the Word of God from Genesis to Revelation.  Much lip service and little obedience is given - just like Israel in the Old Testament.  We haven’t learned...but we MUST learn or go insane from a double mind.  We must become totally committed to the Word of God.  We must reject humanistic answers no matter how good they sound on the surface.  Satan is a liar.  Only the Word of God can reveal Truth and answers that will work for EVERY problem our world faces.  I challenge you...when you need to solve problems don’t go to your professor, government official, or local humanist.  Go to the Law and the Testimony.  Be prepared to spend time, effort, and sweat to discover the real answer.  And when you do discover the real answer be prepared for opposition because no one else is going to like it...especially insane Christians.

    To understand how the the Law works today and how it works with grace and love take the Master Life e-mail course.

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