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Condition Of The World:
Who Is Responsible?

By Glenn Davis

"You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden."  Matt. 5:14

    As we look around the world today darkness seems to be growing - at least on the surface.  Natural and man-made disasters abound, major main-stream corporations sponsor Gay Parades [including in the US Home Depot sponsoring a children's workshop at one!], the murder of the unborn continues, courts support the freedom of sin, violence goes largely unpunished, movies/books which promote the occult are overwhelmingly successful, etc.  Have you ever wondered who is responsible for all this and more?

Jesus has given us the responsibility for the condition of world.  How well are we managing it?

As I assume most of my readers are Christians, I have to say, "We are."  Darkness only reigns in the absence of light.  If the darkness is growing stronger it can only be because the light is growing weaker.  So when darkness is on the rise in Christian or formally Christian nations, it is a sign that the Church is not shining as bright as she could/should.  We have to be honest and take responsibility.  We have to own the problem before we own the solution.

In many ways the Church, in general [of course it is not true of all churches individually], is compromised.  Often it no longer accepts the Word of God as ultimate truth.  Consider how many churches:  compromise the Scripture to appease the evolutionists, don't know if murdering the unborn is wrong, promote Satanic socialism, send their young to humanist-dominated public schools, ordain practicing homosexuals, fail to take a stand on pre- or extra-martial sex, and have tried to become acceptable to the world in order to win the world.

The problems of the world will never be solved, the darkness will never recede until the Church gets its act together.  We must, as a unit, return to Biblical Christianity.  We must be committed to the fact that the Word of God is ultimate Truth and declares the path of righteousness in all areas of life.  Of course, we recognize that as weak human beings we fail to live up to the standard.  In Christ we already stand righteous before God - never fall in legalism - but our lives should be progressively reflecting that fact.  However, we cannot compromise God's perfect standard simply because we fail to meet it.  It is not prejudice or hypocritical to demand our nations seek to apply the Word of God in every area of life - they will be judged by it.

We must also be committed to loving each other.  It is genuine Christian love that will win the lost.  Many are sick of their sin and want true love, but what do they see when they look at the church?  Do they see a compromised world imitator or do they see the True Light of the Gospel?  Love is the key to winning the world, but it has to be God's love through us.  It begins with learning to love each other!

In the East the condition is reversed.  Many of their nations are not Christian or have not been Christian for hundreds of years.  The Light is establishing itself.  If things continue as they are, the West will collapse spiritually and physically and descend into heathen darkness.  The East, and parts of Africa, will rise as the new Christian culture.  The blood of the martyrs and the sacrifice of the Christians living there now will be rewarded in time.  How much time?  Only God knows, but such an investment will bring rich returns.  The persecuting leaders think they are destroying the church, but in reality they are only hastening their own destruction.  Must the West collapse?  No, if there is nation-wide repentance then the situation can be reversed quite quickly.  It has happened before.  Will it happen now?  God knows, we work and pray.

Even through the darkness appears to be gaining ground, there is much positive news.  Christianity has advanced tremendously over the last 2,000 years.  Great and encouraging things are happening on many levels.  We know that the Church will be victorious... are we helping it or hindering it?

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