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By Rev. LeRoy Davis BSc. and Glenn Davis

Welcome to Old Testament Survey. The benefits you will gain from putting the effort into studying will be richly rewarded by an overview of God’s work in the Old Testament. Sometimes we forget that Jesus, the apostles, and other New Testament Christians had an intimate knowledge of the Old Testament. The New Testament is the completion of the Old Testament, but unless we have a good knowledge of the Old Testament we will miss or misunderstand much of the depth of what was happening in the New Testament. [ Covenants is also a vital course in this regard, taking a detailed look at the plan of God for the ages.]

Why is a survey or overview of the Bible in general or a specific book important? Context. If we are going to understand the word of God we must understand context. A person can prove anything they want from the Bible by taking Scripture out of context - i.e. the Devil in the temptation of Christ. The only way to avoid reading into Scripture what we want to find or manipulating it for our own benefit is to understand the context. As much as possible we must know why and when a certain book was written as well as the purpose of the book. Many confusing Scriptures can be cleared up when we understand the overall context in which they were written [for example see the Revelation course].

In Old Testament Survey we will take a look at each book of the Old Testament, who wrote it and when. We will also look at the theme and key verse[s]. After that we will give a couple of possible outlines for the Book and then we will review each book section by section. This is an overview of the book so that you understand the basic context not a detailed study of any one book.

Click on each lesson link when you are ready for it to download the PDF Lesson.  The suggested donation for this course is $15.

Old Testament Survey Lessons

Lesson One

Lesson Two

Lesson Three

Lesson Four

Lesson Five

Lesson Six

Lesson Seven

Lesson Eight

Lesson Nine

Lesson Ten

Lesson Eleven

Lesson Twelve

Lesson Thirteen

Lesson Fourteen

Lesson Fifteen

Lesson Sixteen

Lesson Seventeen

Lesson Eighteen

Lesson Nineteen

Lesson Twenty

Lesson Twenty-One

Lesson Twenty-Two

Lesson Twenty-Three

Lesson Twenty-Four

Lesson Twenty-Five

Lesson Twenty-Six

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