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The Power Of Praise And Worship

This is a life-changing course on the Power of Praise and Worship.  You were created to worship.  It is your purpose in life.  In this course we will examine how praise and worship can enable you to come into the presence of God, overcome every force that comes against you, and take the war to the enemy's home ground.

The course is based on Terry Law's book of the same name.  Terry Law is the founder of World Compassion which ministers in restricted nations.  You will need to purchase this book as a textbook for the course.  It is available as either a paperback or a Kindle version.  If you do not already have it, you may purchase it here.  Suggested donation for this course is $10.

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Endorsement For The Textbook [quoted from the book]

"Traveling the world with Terry Law for 15 years - serving as a musician and eventually as a worship leader for his ministry - I have personally experienced the life-changing message found in The Power Of Praise And Worship.  Birthed out of personal triumph and deep personal tragedy, Terry shares profound, yet simple truths in The Power Of Praise And Worship that transcend denominations, cultures, and generations.  I believe this book will change your life as it has mine." Don Moen, Integrity Music Worship Leader

Quote From The Power Of Praise And Worship Textbook

The power of praise and worship to change your life in explored in this course.

I pitied myself.  And why not?  Hadn't I risked my life for God time and again on mission fields all over the world?  I had good reason to feel sorry for myself.  This whole mess just wasn't fair.  None of it.

"I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth."  The verse came again, and I began to realize there was a war of words going on in my soul.  I had to take sides.

I spoke aloud this time.  "Lord, I will bless you at all times."  Something happened deep inside my spirit, a slight sense of satisfaction, as if I had hit a target.

But the battle wasn't over.  More thoughts taunted me.  "You're not really praising God.  You don't mean a word of this.  You're lying."

Now I realized that even though the inner voice had sounded like my own, it was really satan attacking me.  So I spoke louder, "Lord, I bless You at all times."  The battle was on.  Victory still seemed impossible, but at least I was fighting back...

The Power Of Praise And Worship

Discover your full potential in Christ and experience a refreshing newness in your Christian life.  Praise and worship is a central theme in Scripture and you need to understand its implications in your life.  Let a new adventure in Jesus begin today!

Part One

Lesson One - Introduction, Dark Night Of The Soul, The Crucible Of Praise

Lesson Two - War And Praise

Lesson Three - Spiritual Warhead: God's Word

Lesson Four - Spiritual Warhead: Jesus' Name

Lesson Five - Spiritual Warhead: Jesus' Blood

Lesson Six - Spiritual Rockets

Lesson Seven - Thanksgiving, Praise, And Worship

Part Two

Lesson Eight - Introduction, That Of Which We Don't Speak Of

Lesson Nine - The Sacrifice Of Praise

Lesson Ten - The Lifestyle Of Praise

Lesson Eleven - The Confession Of Praise

Lesson Twelve - Praise And Angels, Praise And Music

Lesson Thirteen - The Vow Of Praise, The Pattern Of Praise, Epilogue

Lesson Fourteen - Conclusion

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