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Covid Stream

Covid-19 has changed the world, and not for the better.  It has given governments and powerful people the opportunity to grab more power and control over the lives of people, power and control that God never designed or desired them to have.  Through playing to people’s fear freedoms are stolen and will be very difficult to recapture.  We need genuine individual and national repentance before God.

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In this stream we will be looking at articles we have written that deal with the coronavirus specifically, the way God designed civil government to operate and how it is abused in general, or how we can stand in the face of this challenge.  Don’t be afraid to leave your comments on the bottom of pages.

A page with links to articles we have written on the coronavirus and related topics.

Brook One

This page links to quality articles.  Updated often.

Covid Information Center

Brook Two

Many Christians are confused on what the Bible teaches about submission to civil government.  When to we have the Biblical right to disobey unjust laws?  Do we have to passively submit to masks, lockdowns, etc.?

Does The Bible Teach Submission To Government?

Eddie One

Even in these times of Covid, one of the greatest principles of the Kingdom of God is the giving of Thanks.  This course will direct you into turning the Scriptures into prayers of thanksgiving.

90 Days Of Thanksgiving

Brook Three

Written before Covid but applies very well.

What Is Needed For Reformation Of Our Nations?

Eddie Two

A free e-mail course on how God designed the world to operate and how Government interference causes pain, suffering and poverty.

Christian Social Theory

Brook Four

Is Covid just a natural or man-made disaster, or is it a judgment from God.  How are we to understand it?

Is The Coronavirus A Judgment From God?

Brook Five

One of the great challenges people face with the coronavirus is fear.  This should not be a problem for the Christian, but often it is.

Do Not Fear

Brook Six

Courage To Stand

Eddie Three

This is a free email course or a paid online course, but both require the purchase of a textbook.  Learn the principles of overcoming all kinds of fears in your life.

Fear Not!

Brook Seven

If God is truly in control of this world, then the Christian can rest in peace.

The Sovereignty Of God Over The World

Brook Eight

Learn the principles for building and practicing faith in your life.

Raising The Shield Of Faith

Brook Nine

Does the Bible have illustrations about wearing masks?  Yes, it does.

Bible Stories About Masks

Brook Ten

Jesus said not to resist evil.  What did He mean by that?

Resisting Evil

Brook Eleven

A look at whether we can ethically use something that was originally evil for a good purpose.

Can The Results Of Evil Be Used For Good?

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