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Sovereignty Of God
Over The World

Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you, as I said unto Moses. [Josh. 1:3]

As I have been going through the Book of Revelation again, I have been struck by the sovereignty of God. It seems you can hardly turn a page in the Book of Revelation without being reminded that God is in control. In every way, on every level, in every circumstance, God is in total control and His enemies are helpless before Him.

In the above verse God told Joshua that He had already given him the land. Before Joshua even set a foot on it [except as a spy] it was his. Some of the most demonized nations [people who had totally sold themselves out to Satan through vile sexual practices, child sacrifice, etc.] of the ancient world lived there. Didn't matter. The land belonged to God and He had the power to give it to whomever He wanted. It didn't matter what it looked like to the physical eye, the land was God's and He gave it to the children of Israel [of Joshua's day] according to His promise. God is in total control.

In times past people have viewed Canaan as a type of heaven. This is an incorrect type [people died in Canaan who survived the wilderness, people sinned in Canaan - when I get to heaven sin and death are gone forever]. Canaan is instead a type of the world. God giving Canaan to the Israelites is an example or a "first fruits" of what Christ would redeem on the cross. Because of Christ's victory on the cross God has given Him the world [Ps. 2:8] and through Him we, who are His children, also have been given the world. It belongs to God and He gives it to whomever He wants. The sovereign God has chosen to give the world [as originally intended through Adam] to His people through Jesus Christ. God's world, God's choice.

The first time the Israelites came to the Promised Land they failed to go in. In the sovereignty of God, it had been given to them, but they had failed to have faith in the promise of God. They had failed to believe in the sovereignty of God. They believed instead Satan's claim that the land was his and he was not going to let them have it.

We look around the world today and we see Satan's lies. He yells at us, "It's mine! You can't have it!" Do we believe him or do we believe in the sovereignty of God? Who are we going to believe?

Joshua had to fight for every square inch of land and hold it against counter-attack, but it was his from the beginning. As long as he believed in the sovereignty of God, that it was his by Divine declaration, he would win. There would be dark days but the victory was assured - as long as he didn't cave in to Satan's lies.

In your personal world [land] are you believing in the sovereign God or the lies of Satan? As you look around the world in general today - who are you believing? God has given it to His Church through the Blood of Jesus Christ. He gave it...do we believe Him? Are we turning back into the wilderness or are we marching forward in spite of the opposition and screaming lies of Satan. Who do we believe? Who is really in control? The answer to that will determine our victory or defeat as Christians and the victory or defeat of the Church. He has given it to you...you decide whether to take it or not [through the Blood and power of Jesus Christ, of course].

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