Divided Kingdom Notes

By Glenn Davis

Notes For The Divided Kingdom Timeline.


This is one of only two times when a king’s actual name is given in Bible prophecy long before the king is born.


“Abijah and his army of 400,000 men fought with Jeroboam and his army of 800,000 men.  Because Abijah trusted in God, he was victorious against Jeroboam.  He killed half a million of Jeroboam’s soldiers.  This is the highest casualty rate of any battle recorded in the Bible.  Ussher


From reading the 2 Kings account it would appear the Elijah went to heaven in this year; however, from reading 2 Chr. 21 it would appear that Elijah sent a letter to king Jehoram 7 years after this date.  Scripture does not assign an exact date to Elijah’s departure.  Also, it is possible that 2 Chr. is describing a previously sent letter [before Elijah went to heaven] along with its fulfillment.


Mauro sees a gap in time from when Amaziah dies and Uzziah becomes king.  Ussher apparently does not. 


The man named Pul seems to have been the same man who was converted and brought to repentance by the preaching of the prophet Jonah.  This means that the men of Nineveh may have risen in judgment against this nation.  God here raised up a repentant, heathen man to take vengeance on unrepentant Israel.  Ussher


In accordance with the law in Numbers [Num. 9:10-11], the Passover was delayed until the second month for the following reasons:  The Passover could not be kept at the same time as the meeting and the cleansing of the temple was being done; the number of sanctified priests was not enough; all the people were not gather in Jerusalem from all over the country.  Ussher 

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