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Justified By Faith

"Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand. And we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God.  [Rom. 5:1-2, NIV]

Therefore, since we have been justified by faith - It is faith in the work of the Lord Jesus Christ which justifies us, and even that faith in not something we have of our own.  It is a gift of God.  Justified - just as if I had never sinned.  Washed and made pure.  This a one-time event.  When I have faith, exercise the gift of God in the Lord Jesus Christ, I am justified.  It is not something I have to work at or earn.  I have been - past tense.  I am in the process of sanctification, but I have been justified.  My sins are gone, past, present and future.  This does not give me a license to sin, if I think it does then I am either blind to the true meaning of justified or simply unconverted.  Faith is acting as if something is true even through there may be no external or objective evidence to say that it is.  It is seeing Reality before reality is manifest.  It is looking into the spiritual realm and seeing what God is doing before anything happens on earth.

Bible in Forest With Sunlight
The justified shall life by faith.

we have peace with God - There is a cosmic war going on.  It is fought on every level spiritual and physical.  We were born into the war on the wrong side.  We raged against God, disobeyed Him at every turn, and arrogantly insisted on our independence.  We were rebels without brains.  We may have been very forward in our attack against God, or we may have been undercover deceiving even ourselves by our "good" life.  But however we waged war, we waged war.  It was our identity.  We and others defined us by our sin:  He is drunk, a partier, or even a "good" man.  We measured ourselves by others and we were satisfied.  But now that has changed.  The Holy Spirit worked in our hearts.  We came alive to our true situation.  Faith was born.  We switched sides.  Now instead of being at war with God.  We are at peace with God.  We can know true peace, joy and contentment.  We can live as we were designed to live.  We are defined by Jesus Christ and live larger than ourselves and for the glory of God and the benefit of others.  We are at peace with God.  The war has not come to an end.  We have simply switched sides.  Awaken from the deception that kept us slaves to the wrong side.  Being at peace with God, means being at war with His enemies.  His enemies are now our enemies. 

through our Lord Jesus Christ  - Our justification and the resulting peace with God can only be accomplished through our Lord Jesus Christ.  If we try any other way, we are no better than Cain bringing his offering of vegetables.  It is good in our sight, but not in God's sight.  Jesus is the only way.  All other religions come with vegetables, only Christianity has the Blood of the Lamb which alone is acceptable in the eyes of God.  Notice again, Lord Jesus Christ.  Jesus is not a suggest-maker.  Jesus is Lord.  This is the foundational confession of the Christian church.  Countless people have died for refusing to recant those three simple words.  Others say them glibly as they continue to pursue their own agenda.  But Jesus is Lord.  He will tolerate no disobedience, no rebellion.  We want the Christ [Saviour] part, but often we do not want the Lord.  But they are the same Person, we cannot have one without the other.  Take all of it, or none of it.  Anything less is deception.

through Whom we have gained access - Jesus said He was the Door.  It is only through Jesus that we can gain access to God and the things of God.  Jesus is the ONLY Door.  All others ways are deception.  They sound good to man, they make sense to human reasoning, but they end in death.  Only Jesus is the true Door.  The good news is that through Jesus we can gain access.  We are not locked forever on the wrong side.  There is a Way to reach our true calling and destiny.  There is a Way to know God and experience all the good things He has for us.  The Way is Jesus.

by faith - Again we see it is by faith.  We must believe before we see.  Anyone can believe after they see.  That takes no courage, no faith.  It is faith that pleases God.  Faith is simply believing the Word of God regardless of what our circumstances or senses tell us.  It is knowing the Word of God is true when the world around us is screaming that it is a lie.  The Father is pleased when we take His Word as the basis of our life.  Faith opens the Door and walks in the Way.

into this grace in which we now stand. - By faith in Jesus Christ we have gained access into grace.  We can now enter the very presence of God.  We no longer stand outside under the judgment of God.  We are no longer under His wrath and condemned to the fires of Hell.  We are in God favour.  We live under His mercy.  We operate in His grace.  It is the grace of God which gives us the power to stand - to stand before God and before men.  Under the Grace we come before the throne of God to commune with Him and petition Him.  Under the Grace we stand strong before men, not compromising the Truth of God's Word no matter how strong the pressure.  It is not our strength, it is the grace of God which brings us through every situation. 

And we rejoice - One of the many ways in which Christianity stands alone is that we rejoice.  We are not working to please an angry God.  We are not trapped in endless duty.  We are children rejoicing and playing.  We know we have been accepted by God, our position is secure.  There is no need to fear.  We do have a relationship with Almighty God.  We should not be sorrowful.  There are, of course, times when we go through circumstances which hurt and make us cry, but that is not the normal way of our life.  And we are not weeping in our relationship with God.  We rejoice with and in Jesus Christ.  The Christian life is to be a life of joy. 

in the hope of the glory of God - Hope in Scripture is not a wish for something to happen but a firm, confident expectation that something is going to happen.  Right now the glory of God is veiled.  We see glimpses here and there.  But often the darkness of this world seems to real and present.  But we know that a day is coming when we shall see Him face to face.  We know that we will behold the glory of God.  We know, have hope/confidence, that it will happen.  Therefore, we can rejoice knowing what is going to happen.  We can be as excited as a child who knows that Christmas morning is the next day.  Our "next day" is when we see Jesus face to face.  We can rejoice and be excited now, knowing it is coming.

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