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Are You Missing Life?

"Let us search and try our ways, and turn again to the LORD.  Let us lift up our heart with our hands unto God in the heavens."  Lam. 3:40-41

    Are we missing life because we get busy in life?  We have our routines.  We balance our lives.  We get set in our ways.  Our ideals become fossilized.  We believe what we have been taught.  We do what we have been told. Time marches on. 

Are you missing life because you are too busy to think things out?

    Some people never discover silence.  The TV must be on.  The radio has to be sending out its sounds.  CD's must be playing.  They are afraid to be alone with God...or with themselves.

    Yet we need to spend quiet time to examine our ways, our lives, and our beliefs.  We need to slow down and think.  We are so ready to be amused [a=non, muse= think] all the time that we are missing life.

    Think about where our lives are going.  Are our priorities right?  Do we have time for God, spouse, children, friends, work, etc?  Maybe we need to write out a schedule to make sure the important things do not get over looked.  If you need to write a schedule you can get a day planner or simply some scratch paper on which you write the days and hours.  Make a master plan and then adjust it to different situations which come up from week to week.  Some people post a large calender on a wall and write important activities on it.

    We need to carefully examine our lifestyle.  Are we doing things that we know are displeasing to God?  What is our financial budget like?  What kinds of movies do we watch?  Do our attitudes reflect the character of Christ?  Are we honest in all our dealings?  How do we treat those around us?

    We also need to hold our cherished beliefs up to the light of God's Word.  What do we really believe about the nature of reality?  About Heaven and Hell?  Do our political beliefs stand up to the integrity of the Word of God?  Does our national or union objectives override God's agenda?  How about our stand on social issues?  Does it reflect God's standard as revealed in Biblical Law?  Is our priority what we have always been taught and what we want to believe or do we line our beliefs up with the Bible?  Have we even searched out the Biblical position on topics that are a concern to us?

    Take time to sit quietly by yourself and think through some of these issues.  Don't delay.  Life will slip away and you will be missing life.  If you find there are areas of your life that are out of step with God, turn back to Him, and begin afresh.  He is always there holding out a welcoming hand to you.

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