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Praise And Worship
Lesson One

Welcome to this course on the Power of Praise and Worship.  This course uses as a textbook a book of the same name:  The Power Of Praise And Worship by Terry Law with Jim Gilbert.  We will be going through this very practical book together where Terry Law shares some of his deepest pain and highest victories along with the Biblical principles which God has used to make him a world-changer through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Join us on this journey today.  If you have not purchased a copy of this book you need to do so before continuing with the lessons.  It is available both as a paperback and as an instant Kindle download. click here.

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The way we are going to proceed through this course is by reading an assigned section of the book and answering questions from that section.  In the next lesson will be a video where we will take up the answers to the questions “in class” and make additional comments.  Before moving to the next lesson, be sure to complete the assignment.

Read the Introduction and the first two chapters to get an understanding of where Terry is coming from.  There are no questions in the Introduction and Chapter One.  Answer these questions from Chapter Two.  If you prefer, you can download the questions as a PDF here.

Lesson One
Chapter Two

1.  “Terry, if you do what I say, it could save your life.  Go home, get down on your knees, and start 

praying in the _______________.  You have got to begin to _______________ the Lord!”

2.  _______________ would have been easier, or at least more honest.

3.  I will _______________ the Lord at all times, His praise shall continually be in my 


4.  I praised the Lord in obedience to His Word, with not a shred of_______________.

5.  Even in my ignorance, I pledged _______________ and took immediate action.

6.  Don gave himself to a _______________ of praise and worship to God.

7.  When a preposterous, faith-stretching word is spoken it’s important to refrain from 

_______________ God make it happen.

8.  The worst disease every to plague the human race is _______________.

9.  Praising God had torn down _______________.

10.  I had finally discovered the link between worshipping God and the healing of people 

- a thing called _______________.


1.  Have you ever experienced a time like Terry Law went through?  Or are you experiencing it now?  Consider it carefully.  What could you have done [or can still do] to come through the pain in victory?

2.  Memorize Ps. 34:1 - 3.  [I recommend memorizing the entire chapter, but your choice.]

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