Loving Jesus

This stream looks at the love relationship between a Christian and Jesus.  Christianity is not a system of religious rules or a lifestyle.  It is real relationship with the risen and alive Jesus Christ.  Knowing and loving Jesus is an ongoing and growing relationship that will last throughout eternity.

Brook One

Jesus loves you.  It is his desire to build a relationship with you that will last for eternity!

The Divine Lover

We need to learn how much Jesus loves us and how we can love Him.

Eddy One

Do you have doubts about the love of God for you?  Or would you just like assurance?  Take this short email course to discover God’s Love for you.

How To Know For Sure God Loves You

Brook Two

Jesus loves us and has made us His priority.  We need to enter fully into that love relationship and make Him our priority as well.

Desire God Above All Things

Brook Three

We are the Bride of Christ.  A healthy marriage relationship is but a dim picture of what Jesus desires for our relationship with Him.  When He returns He is looking for a bride.

Bride Of Christ

Brook Four

It should be a joy to serve our Bridegroom.  No husband is impressed with a grumpy, spoiled wife!  [And, yes men, you have to picture yourself on the other side of things, as a Bride.]

God Loves A Willing Heart

Christians Of The Pierced Ear

Brook Five

Brook Six

As a Bride with our Divine Bridegroom, we need to enter the Secret Place where we can get to know one another and grow in our love.

The Secret Place

Eddy Two

This easy reading email course looks at 1 Cor. 13 and examines how God loves us and how we love God.

13 Points Of Love

Brook Seven

Worship is how we show our love for our Divine Lover.

Brook Eight

Every Bride wants to look gorgeous for her Husband-to-be.  Take a look at how Jesus sees you!

The Secret Of Feeling Attractive To God

Beautiful For The King

Brook Nine

Jesus doesn’t care about out past.  It is forgiven.  He wants us to leave it behind and move into a new relationship with Him.

The Great Love Of A Sinful Woman

Brook Ten

Sometimes we are afraid to reach out to Jesus, afraid He will reject us.  He will never too that.  His eyes of love are on you.  Just reach out and touch Him.

Woman With The Issue Of Blood:  Daughter Of God

Brook Eleven

There are six messages in this excellent series.  He are the first two.  The rest can be found under Judson Cornwall on the Sermon Videos page.

Brook Twelve

Anne Graham Lotz has written several books on being in love with Jesus.  Here are quotes from one of them.

Magnificent Obsession Quotes

Note: If you purchase one of these books from these links I will make a commission.  Disclosure Policy

Adventure story: The Disappearance of Captain Danson.

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