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Outline Of
Adam's Life

Below is an outline of a Study on Adam.  Use it or develop it as you like.  Feed Yourself students are recommended to do their own study first by looking up every reference to Adam and then outlining it.  After that, they can compare it to the outline below.

Bible in Forest With Sunlight

I.  Creation

    A.  Made in the image of God - Gen. 1:26

        1.  Blessed by God - Gen. 1:28

        2.  Breathed on by God and given a soul/spirit - Gen. 2:7, 1 Cor. 15:45

    B.  Physical Body

        1.  Body personally formed by God - Gen. 2:7

            a.  Created from the dust of the earth - 1 Cor. 15:47

            b.  Earthly Man - 1 Cor. 15:44-49

        2.  Eat any fruit/plant that has seeds - Gen. 1:29

        3.  Placed in the Garden of Eden - Gen. 2:8

        4.  No shame in nakedness - Gen. 2:25

    C.  Adam made first - 1 Tim. 2:13

        1.  Was a pattern of the One to come - 1 Cor. 15:22, Rom. 5:14

        2.  Was a pattern of humanity - 1 Cor. 15:49

II.  Purpose

    A.  Created to have fellowship with God - Gen. 3:8

    B.  Created to rule over creation - Gen. 1:26, 28

        1.  Created to work - Gen. 2:15

            a.  Created to develop and look after God’s creation - Gen. 2:15

            b.  Named the animals - Gen. 2:19

        2.  Created to subdue the earth - Gen. 1:28

        3.  Had authority [God did not correct or change Adam’s decision on names] - Gen. 2:19

    C.  Created to fill the earth with a Godly seed - Gen. 1:28-29

III.  Relationship with God

    A.  God spoke to Adam - Gen. 2:16

        1.  Given instructions by God - Gen. 2:16-17, 3:17

        2.  Warned that disobedience would result in death - Gen. 2:19

    B.  Sin changed his relationship with God - Gen. 3:8

        1.  Love to fear

        2. Disobedience to guilt

IV.  Relationship with Eve

    A.  Not good to be alone - Gen. 2:18

    B.  Man needs a helper - Gen. 2:18

    C.  God made and brought the woman to Adam - Gen. 2:22

        1.  Made from Adam’s rib

        2.  Adam recognized God’s choice and that Eve was a part of him - Gen. 2:22

        3.  Adam and Eve identified as one unit before God - Gen. 5:2

        4.  Named his wife “Eve” after the Fall - Gen. 3:20

    D.  In spite of failure, Adam kept his family together - Gen. 4:1, 25

    E.  Relation of Adam and Eve to be the pattern of marriage - 1 Tim. 2:5

    F.  What went wrong

        1.  Eve acted out of order

        2.  Adam was led instead of being the leader

        3.  Wrong priorities

V.  Sin

    A.  Adam’s disobedience a deliberate choice - 1 Tim. 2:13, Rom. 5:14

    B.  Chose Eve over God - Gen. 3:16

        1.  Instead of leading, he was led by his wife - Gen. 3:6, 17

        2.  He did not defend his wife against Satan’s deception - Gen. 3:16

    C.  Response to sin

        1.  Adam concealed sin and hid guilt in his heart - Job 31:33

        2.  Tried to solve the problem of shame on his own [with his wife] - Gen. 3:17

        3.  Did not have the courage to confess sin, but hid in guilt - Gen. 3:8

VI.  Results

    A.  Sin opened his eyes and introduced shame - Gen. 3:17

        1.  God knows evil by knowledge

        2.  Adam knows evil by experience - Gen. 3:21

    B.  Confesses under questioning - Gen. 3:10

        1.  Is defensive - God’s fault/Eve’s fault - Gen. 3:12

        2.  Confesses action but avoids responsibility - Gen. 3:12

    C.  Punishment

        1.  Ground cursed

            a.  Painful work to live

            b.  Earth opposes his rulership

            c.  No relief in this life

            d.  Irony in punishment - came from ground, had to work ground, return to ground - made to rule over ground, ground now rules over him

        2.  Death

            a.  Return to the ground - Gen. 3:21

            b.  Introduced death to the universe - Rom. 5:14, 1 Cor. 15:21-22

            c.  Prevented from living forever - evil cannot be allowed to grown continually - Gen. 3:22

        3.  Driven from the presence of God - Gen. 3:23

    D.  God’s provision

        1.  Sin covered by God shedding blood of animals - Gen. 3:21

        2.  God continued to provide for him after sin - Gen. 3:21

VII.  After sin

    A.  After the Fall, Adam began to fulfill the dominion mandate - Gen. 4:1

    B.  Lived 930 years - Gen. 5:3-4 

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