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Fear Not 
Lesson One

You may watch the video, read the transcript or both.

Bible in Forest With Sunlight

Welcome to an exciting course on overcoming fear in your life.  Fear, in some degree, is faced by the vast majority of people.  You are not alone and this course will speed you on your journey to freedom from this villain.  

As you know this course has a Textbook called Do Not Be Afraid! by Messianic Rabbi K.A. Schneider.  You can order either the Kindle version or the paperback, but you must have it before you begin the course.  

This course deals with fear attacks on Christians and how Christians can find victory.  In addition, even for the Christian, there may be root causes for fear which need to be dwelt with.  Some of the common root causes at things like unconfessed or unforsaken sins, guilt, bitterness and unforgiveness.  If you are struggling with any of these you need to deal with them first.  Go to the Holy Spirit and ask Him to reveal any root causes for your fear.  Confess them to Him and forsake them.  Trauma can also be a root of fear.  If you need counsel in overcoming any of these roots make an appointment with your pastor or qualified counsellor.  It is also important to note that sometimes fear is caused by a physical condition and it is important to see your doctor to discover if there is some physical reason for your fear or anxiety.

This course will help you over fear attacks that, to the best of your knowledge, have no root in sin which needs to be dwelt with.

PAUSE THIS VIDEO and read the Editor’s Note, the Introduction and Chapter One.  When you are finished return here.

In one way it is encouraging to know that fear is a common problem.  We are not alone.  In another way it is heart-breaking that so many people suffer from this vicious attack of the enemy.  Satan is no gentleman.  He will twist every truth, he will pull every dirty trick he can to destroy our lives.  But we are going to be learning to successful resist and defeat him through the power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Did you identify with any of the fears the author mentioned?  Fear is terrifying, it can paralyze us and even make us question our sanity.  Yet through it all there is a Name that is greater and can carry us through to victory as we will see in this course.

Right now at the beginning I want to give you some strategies for dealing with fear today as you work yourself through this course to complete victory.  These can be divided Physical and Spiritual.  Some may not work for you or work immediately, but consider them and your individual situations.


  1. Try to go to bed tired each night so that you are more likely to fall asleep and it a good night’s rest.  If you don’t have a strenuous job, then excercise in the afternoon or early evening.
  2. Take a relaxing shower or bath before going to bed.
  3. Read an encouraging Christian biography or other uplifting book.
  4. Talk to your doctor and/or a naturopath.  There are natural medicines that some people find help with anxiety and sleeping.  
  5.   Spend some time taking deep breaths while thinking of something you enjoy.
  6.   Be careful about the music you listen to and the movies and TV shows you watch.  Make sure they are positive and do not stir/feed negative or agitating emotions.  This can be powerful tools for good or evil in our lives.
  7. Watch wholesome comedies as laugher can alleviate anxiety.
  8. Spend time with good positive friends.  
  9. Find someone you can share how you are feeling without the fear of criticism or rejection.
  10. Watch what you eat and drink.  Certain foods/drinks can increase or decrease anxiety.


  1. Spend time in prayer.
  2. Spend time in reading and mediating on God’s Word.
  3. Spend time in praise, thanksgiving and worship.  Do this even when you are under attack.
  4. If your church has time for prayer at the end of a service, don’t be too proud to go and ask for it.  If they don’t, seek out a Godly friend, an Elder or a Pastor to pray with you and for you.
  5. Attend every meeting your church offers if you are able.  You may not feel like it, but you need the corporate presence of Jesus, especially if the meeting includes time of worship and fellowship with other believers.
  6. Play soft, worship music as you go to sleep at night.  Let the Word roll through your mind.
  7. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you if there is a root cause for these fear attacks.  If so, deal with it.
  8. Memorize Scriptures that deal with God’s love, protection and security.
  9. Refuse to mediate on your fear.  When it comes to your mind, deliberately chose to think on something that you enjoy, a puzzle you find interesting, or work on memorizing your Scripture.  
  10. If you have not yet signed up for our God’s Word To You and 90 Days Of Thanksgiving Scripture courses, do so now.  They will bring an encouragement into your life.


This brings us to the end of this lesson.  But I have an assignment for you before you begin the next lesson.  

1 Get a notebook or open up a new document on your computer [I think the notebook would be best].  

2. Write down what it is you are afraid of.  [I hope it is not fear of assignments!]  Identify it in cold black and white so it is not just a phantom floating around in your mind.  

3. Next write out Psalm 91 in its entirety.  Psalm 91 is then going to be your first memorization project.  Memorize the first verse in the morning, the second verse in the afternoon [repeating the first and second together] and the third verse in the evening [repeating the previous 2 verse along with it].  Repeat this every day until you can say the entire Psalm.  This will take you 5-6 days.  You may be able to memorize it quicker, but be sure you are focusing on the Words and their meaning to you as you are memorizing.  A good way to test it when you are done is to write it out from memory and check it.  You do not have to be word perfect, but you should not have missed any sections.

When you are done, begin lesson two.

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