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God's Will In This World

Christian Social Theory is the study of Godʼs Word to discover God's will in this world.  We must know how God designed the world to operate. God created the world and He has a way governments, economies, education, healthcare, and everything else is to be run. Running the world Godʼs way is the most loving thing we can do. In this course we will look what some of these current problems are, what Godʼs perfect system is, and finally, how we can go from where we are to where we should be. 

This is a very practical course as we look at serious problems in our nations and in our world.  We look to see how God wants things to operate and how very far we are from His perfect plan.  Sin has wreak destruction in every area of life, but the Blood of Jesus Christ is stronger.  We need the moving of the Holy Spirit sweeping millions of people into the Kingdom of God.

Part of the problem is that when we are saved we still have the old thought patterns and often run to our old solutions which are really Satan's death traps bring pain and misery into our world.  In this course you are going to discover, in simple terms, what God wants done able crime, finance, environment and so must more.  After seeing some of the problems we are in because we reject God's will in this world, we are going to look at some solutions.  I know the example I use in this course are simple.  That is on purpose to make them easy to understand.  After you understand the concept, you can then go and apply it in complicated situations.

Each lesson link below will download one PDF workbook.  Do each lesson in order and download them when you are ready.  The suggested donation for this course is $10.

Christian Social Theory Lessons

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