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Biblical Law I
Lesson One

Welcome to Biblical Law Part One.  In this course we are going to be looking in detail at the first seven commandments.  When you have completed this course you will have a good understanding of how God designed the world to operate and why.  You will also be able to understand why world is the way it is right now and what needs to be done about it.  You will be a man or woman of Issachar.

 from Issachar, men who understood the times and knew what Israel should do… 1 Chr. 12:32

I recommend you underline or highlight the answers in your textbook as you find them.  If you can’t find one or have it wrong, refer to the page number where that answer is to be found and be sure to mark it.

For Lesson One read: Institutes Of Biblical Law Vol. 1 pages 1 - 40.  Any questions not answered when you watch the video in the next lesson must be marked wrong. 

Questions For Lesson One

Answer these questions as you are reading pages 1 - 41.  You may download the questions in a PDF file or simply write the answers in notebook.

Download PDF Lesson One Questions.


The Importance Of The Law

1. In Wyclif’s time that law should be God’s law was held by ____________________.  

2. Christendom believed itself to be God’s ____________________ because it was governed by the law of God as set forth in Scripture.  

3. Christendom saw itself as the new____________________ of God and no less subject to His law. 

4. It is a modern heresy that holds that the law of God has no meaning nor any ____________________ force for man today. 

5. But this is not the God of Scripture, whose grace and law remain the ____________________ in every age, because He, as sovereign and absolute lord, ____________________ not, not does He need to change.  

6. To attempt to study Scripture without studying its _________________ is to deny it.  

The Validity Of Biblical Law

7. The ____________________ believes that faith frees the Christian from the law, so that he is not outside the law but is rather dead to it. 

8. The believer is dead to the law as an ____________________…but the believer is alive to the law as the ____________________ of God.  

9. The law in its judgment upon God’s enemies is __________________; the law in its sustaining care and blessings is for the law-abiding a principle of ____________________.  

10. Christ as the new ____________________ kept the law perfectly. 

11. Man’s justification is by the ____________________ of God in Jesus Christ; man’s sanctification is by means of the____________________ of God.  

12. To be spiritually minded does not mean to be other-worldly but to apply the mandates of the ____________________ word under the guidance of the Spirit to this world.  

13. The increasing breakdown of law and order must first of all be attributed to the ____________________ and their persistent antinomianism.  

The Law as Revelation and Treaty

14. Law is in every culture ____________________ in origin. 

15. In any culture the source of law is the ____________________ of that society. 

16. Modern ____________________, the religion of the state, locates law in the state and thus makes the state, or the people as they find expression in the state, the god of the system.  

17. Any change of law is an explicit or implicit change of _____________. 

18. ____________________ is a device used to introduce a new law-system as a prelude to a new intolerance. 

19. ____________________ of God and His righteousness. 

20. There is no ____________________ between law and grace.  

21. The second characteristic of Biblical Law is that it is a treaty or ____________________.  

22. God as the sovereign Lord and Creator gives His law to man as an act of sovereign ____________________.  

23. The third characteristic of the Biblical law or covenant is that is constitutes a plan for ____________________ under God.  

24. The sacrament of Lord’s Supper is the renewal of covenant…so that the sacrament itself re-establishes the ____________________.  

25. For the Bible, there is no law in nature, because nature is ____________________ and cannot be normative. 

26. ____________________ law is the need and privilege of Christian society.  

The Direction of the Law

27. The Ten Commandments are not therefore laws among laws, but are the ____________________ laws, of which the various laws are specific examples.

28. The commandments thus ____________________ and _____________ a basic area of life.

29. Since God issues the law…any offence against the law is an offence against ____________________.  

30. A major portion of the law is ____________________ law. 

31. The law, then, first asserts principles, second, it cites cases to develop the implications of those principles, and, third, the law has as its purpose and direction the ____________________ of God’s order.  

32. The fulfilment of that covenant is their great commission: to subdue all things and all ____________________ to Christ and His law-word. 

The First Commandment

The First Commandment and the Shema Israel.

33. The law is given to the people saved by grace as their way of ____________________, to set forth the privilege and blessing of the covenant.  

34.  The reason for the giving of these commandments is to awaken the ____________________ of God, and that fear might prompt obedience. 

35.  The maintenance of the fear of God would bring ___________________, and the increase of the nation promised to the fathers.

36. Deuteronomy 6:4-5 is called the ____________________ and was recited as the morning and evening prayer of Israel. 

37. The Biblical declaration is that God’s order is absolute and absolutely ____________________ on men and nations.

38. A relativistic, pragmatic law has no premise for ___________________ activity.

39. If there is no ____________________ law, then every man is his own law.  

40. God is one, ____________________ is one.  

41. To attempt to pit law against grace is ____________________…it assumes two ultimate ways and powers in contradiction to one another. 

42. The alternative to law is not ____________________; it is lawlessness.  

43. One absolute, unchanging ____________________ means one absolute, unchanging law. 

44. One God, one law, requires one total, unchanging, and unqualified ____________________.  

45. ____________________ in the law is basic to and inseparable both from obedience to the law and from worship.

46.  Anything other that a Biblically grounded schooling is that an act of ____________________ for a believer. 

47. God requires that He be ____________________ according to His own word. 

48. The law of the covenant remains; the covenant rites and signs have ____________________.  

49. The law of God is not a blind, ____________________, and mechanically operative force. 

50. The law of God is the law of the absolute and totally personal Creator whose law operates within the context of His ___________________ and ____________________. 

51. Without a ____________________, personal God, no justice is possible. 

52. God’s law is the____________________ of man; therefore, man cannot presume to be god and put God and His law-word on trial.

The Undivided Word

53. The history of grace is also a promise of grace if man’s response is one of ____________________ obedience to the law and an unswerving devotion to the only true God. 

54. They shall be preserved from plagues and epidemics, so that obedience is followed by ____________________ blessings. 

55. The law is revealed; the fulfilment of the law is assured because God is God; the mode and time is extensively ____________________. 

56. There can be no arbitrary separation of the law from the __________: one God means one word.

God versus Moloch

57.  Any attempt to know and control the ____________________ outside of God is to set up another god in contempt of the Lord. 

58. The word Moloch means ____________________. 

59. Moloch worship was thus a ____________________ religion. 

60. The sacrifice of ____________________ was the supreme sacrifice to Moloch. 

61. Solomon’s act introduced the cult [of Moloch] into ________________. 

62. Moloch worship was thus ____________________ worship.

63. For a state to claim total ____________________, as the modern state does, is to claim to be as god. 

64. God is the true ____________________ of law. 

65. God will not hear a people who are complaining about paying the price for their ____________________. 

66. Since life is given by God and is to be lived on His terms alone, no life of man or beast can be taken except on God’s ____________________. 

67. To be holy means literally to be ____________________. 

68. The true ____________________ of man is man’s separation unto God in faith and in obedience to God’s law. 

69. The death penalty is not required here for ____________________ belief; it is for attempts to subvert others and to subvert the social order [treason] by entice others to idolatry. 

70. Without ____________________, crime becomes potentially profitable, and the victim is penalized by the state. 

71. A society which tolerates penalties against itself and against its law-abiding citizens is a dangerous and ____________________ society.

72. Deuteronomy 13:5-18 does not call for the death penalty of ____________________ or for heresy. 

73. This condemnation does not apply to a _________________ situation.  

74. Total anarchy means total ____________________. 

75. To surrender children to the state is to turn them over to the ____________________.    


For your next lesson read pages 41 - 88 and answer the questions.  Then come back to class as we go over what you have discovered. 

Memorize the Ex. 20:1-3.

Write Ex. 20:1-3 from memory:


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