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The Great Tribulation

Welcome to the study of Matthew 24 and the Great Tribulation. This is a controversial section of Scripture. We need to clear our minds of preconceived ideas and take a common sense look at these verses in their context and in comparison to their parallel passages. You are in for a great time. Just consider Mr. Mauro's reasoning in the light of Scripture. If you have not taken The Seventy Weeks Of Daniel course you may what to take it as a companion to this study. We are going to look at the Lord's prophecy on Mount Olivet which He connects directly with the last four chapters of the Book of Daniel.

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Many today, who study and explain prophecy, do not seem to be aware of the immense significance of the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70, which accomplished the extinction of the Jewish national existence and the dispersion of the Jewish people among all the nations. The failure to recognize the significance of that event, and the vast amount of prophecy which it fulfilled, has been the cause of great confusion. The necessary consequence of missing the past fulfillment of predicted events is have a mass of prophecies for which we must invent fulfillments in the future. There are two harmful results:

1.] We don't have the evidential value, and the support of faith, of those remarkable fulfillments of prophecy which are so clearly presented to us in contemporary histories; and

2.] Our vision of things to come is greatly obscured and confused by the transference to the future of predicted events which, in fact, have already happened.

Obviously it is useless to start a study of unfulfilled prophecy until we have settled which prophecies have been fulfilled."

If you are ready to look at Scripture in context, then this is the course for you.  You will end up with a clear understanding of what Jesus meant when He talked about the Great Tribulation.  I recommend you write the answers to the questions in a notebook or separate computer file.  Start your study today.  Suggested donation for this course is $5.

Mathew 24 And The Great Tribulation Lessons

Lesson One

Lesson Two

Lesson Three

Lesson Four

Lesson Five

Lesson Six

Lesson Seven

Lesson Eight

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