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Moments In Revelation

Moments In Revelation is a look at the fantastic Book of Revelation which opens up the Lordship of Jesus Christ in every area of life. In the Book of Revelation we see Jesus high and lifted up ruling over the nations of the earth. In spite of violent opposition, Jesus and those who follow Him are victorious.

Many parts of the Book of Revelation seem to mirror the Psalms in their worship and adoration of the Lamb Who is worthy. Those who peer into this prophecy trying to find the sensational are missing what it is all about. It is all about Jesus! It not about the beast, the anti-christ, world war III or other such things that people like to emphasize. Jesus is the centre and everything revolves around Him…and that is the focus of our Moments In Revelation.

John tells us in the very first chapter that he is writing these things in the Book of Revelation, because he saw the word of God and testimony of Jesus. He wasn't trying to write a best-selling horror story or a chills-and-thrills adventure. In fact, in verse three of chapter one he tells us that people are going to be blessed - not scared to death or entertained - if they understand and apply what he is teaching in the Book of Revelation. Actually, John isn't teaching at all. He is only recording what the Lord Jesus Christ is revealing to him through His angel.

We need to open our minds and hearts and focus on Jesus to receive the blessing of the Book of Revelation in our lives today. This doesn't mean that we worry about UPCs and computer codes or faint in terror if the number 666 happens to appear on our license plate. This is a book of blessing not "Christian" superstitions! [This doesn't mean we shouldn't be concerned with government invasion of privacy and restrictions on true liberty, but that is a different issue than what is in the Book of Revelation.]

The revelation we see in this prophecy will first of all lift us out of the ruts and difficulties of life by giving us a true vision of Jesus. And second, it is going to give us practical instruction for our daily lives. It is just as practical as the Book of Ephesians. So lets focus on Jesus and draw strength, comfort, instruction and encouragement for our daily lives from this great book.

Below is our growing Moments In Revelation series. This is my informal sharing of what I am learning in this great book with you. So get your Bible, your notebook and a cup of coffee and watch these short videos. Write down what you are seeing and applying. The Lord will probably show you many things that I don't even mention. You might want to view just one "episode" a day and mediate during the day on the verse that was shared. Open your mind and heart to the Holy Spirit. No matter how you decide to go through these Moments In Revelation, relax and have fun. Remember, if they are a blessing to you share this page or a specific video with your friends…they want a blessing too!

Understanding Revelation Video

The Theme Of Revelation Video

Moments In Revelation Chapter 1
Moment #1 Moment #2 Moment #3 Moment #4 Moment #5 Moment #6 Moment #7
Moment #8 Moment #9 Moment #10 Moment #11 Moment #12 Moment #13 Moment #14
Moment #15 Moment #16 Moment #17

If you enjoy Moments in Revelation, you may want to take our e-mail course on the Book of Revelation.

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