Point Of No Return

By Glenn Davis

Joshua 1:2 "Moses My servant is dead. Now therefore arise, go over this Jordan..."

Joshua 3:15-16 "...and the feet of the priests who bore the ark dipped in the edge of the water [for the Jordan overflows all its banks during the whole time of harvest], that the waters which came down from upstream stood still, and rose in a heap very far away..."

These Scriptures present a lot of things, but I will limit my topic to the Point Of No Return.

Moses was a great man, used mightily by God. Now he was dead, it was time to move on to new things. No matter how great [or terrible] the past was we cannot live there. We must move on. Canaan was the land of God's promise, God's inheritance. There were fantastic miracles and provisions in the wilderness, but that was not an inheritance. God did not intend for them to live in the wilderness. He had something better in mind. If they had sat on the edge on the Jordan River remembering "the good old days" they never would have reached what God had for them.

If we are going to reach everything God has for us as individuals, families, nations, etc., we must be willing to leave the past behind. We must be willing to follow God's appointed Joshua into new frontiers, new challenges, and, yes, new problems. The rewards will be great, but we must reach the Point Of No Return.

Point Of No Return

Total commitment will take us past the point of no return into new territory in God.

Now we come to the Point Of No Return. God miraculously parted the Jordan so they could enter Canaan, but once those flood waters closed behind them, there was no return, no retreat. They were 100% committed to the cause. It was a do or die situation. Individual battles could be retreated from, but the war could not.

As Christians we need to have the same 100% commitment to God. We cannot flirt with the world and hope to inherit all that God has for us. In our hearts we have to be 100% committed to Him. In our pursuit of God and our inheritance in Him we can have no Plan B, no retreat, no "if it doesn't work out..."  Individual plans and goals may [and probably should] have Plan B's and C's for we do not understand the Will of God perfectly nor do we know the future. In that we must be flexible. But when it comes to our commitment to God and to the expansion of His Kingdom here and now on earth, there can be no turning back.

For any movement [Christianity, communism, humanism, Islam, etc.] to have long term success its followers must be totally committed to four main foundational beliefs.

1. They must believe they possess ultimate truth [the righteousness of their cause]

2. They must have confidence in their cause.

3. They must believe that in the long run they will win on earth [optimism]

4. They must have a binding, comprehensive law system.

Other religions have been successful because their followers have believed and acted on these points. Christians have believed point one [The Word of God], but have often wavered on points 2-4. Then they wonder why their lives/families/nations are not progressing in the plan of God. It does not help when Christian leaders themselves undercut points 2-4 and so discourage the general body of Christ. Best-selling "Christian" books rip apart point 3. We need to know that all four points are valid and truly apply only to Christianity. Ultimately all other religious systems will fail because none of the four points really apply to them. They have a false confidence. We are the ones that ought to be succeeding. And we will when we reach the Point Of No Return - when we are totally committed to all four points.

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