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Bible History
The Divided Kingdom
The Kingdom Of Israel
i.e. The Northern Kingdom
254 Years

Dates in Green are from Mauro, dates in blue are from Ussher and dates in red are from other sources.  There are two dates given with both Mauro and Ussher.  The first date is the number of years since creation and the second date is the BC/AD date.

[#]  = # in [] following a name is their age at time of the event

          [T#]  =  amount of time of the event, i.e. oppression of Eglon [T40] means Eglon oppressed Israel 40 years

          [-date] = The date the reign or event ended if different from beginning date.

SP = Spring, SU = Summer, AU = Autumn, WI = Winter

Southern Kingdom = Judah, Northern Kingdom = Israel

Events here are those that concerned the Northern Kingdom, the Kingdom of Israel.

Bible in Forest With Sunlight
Biblical Chronology helps us to understand the relationship of events and people.  This page looks at the Northern Kingdom of Israel.   #history #biblehistory #biblestudy #Israel

[3143/0903 - 3029WI/0975] - Rehoboam made king over all Israel

                      - Rehoboam treats people badly, 10 tribes send to Egypt for Jeroboam to represent them, Rehoboam refuses to listen, Jeroboam leads rebellion which splits Israel into Judah and Benjamin [simply called Judah] ruled by Rehoboam [J] and the rest of Israel ruled by Jeroboam [I] - 1 Kings 12:1-33, 1 Kings 14:30

                       - Jeroboam [I], fearful of losing support, starts a new religion with golden calves placed at Bethel and Dan - 1 Kings 12:25-31

[—————3030AU/0975] - Mon., Dec. 6 - Jeroboam [I] holds feast to his new gods, unnamed prophet prophesies that a future king - Josiah - will destroy the altar.  Returning home the prophet is killed by a lion for his disobedience. - 1 Kings 12:32-33, 13:1-34, 2 Kings 23:15-20  dk01

                  - From this time Ezekiel dates the 390 years of idolatry of Israel - Ez. 4:5

[—————3030WI/0974] - Priests, Levites and others who want to worship the true God leave their possessions in Israel and move to Judah - 1 Kings 13:33-34, 2 Chr. 11:13-16, 13:9

[—————3047SP/0957] - Abijah [J] defeats Jeroboam [I] in battle because he trusted God - 2 Chr. 13:1-22  dk02

[3162/0884 - 3049SP/0955] - Abijah [J] dies and Asa [J] becomes king - 1 Kings 15:8-10

[——————3050AU/0955] - Tenth Jubilee year 

[3164/0882 - 3050SU/0954] - Jeroboam [I] dies and Nadab [I] becomes king - 1 Kings 15:25

[3165/0881 - 3051SU/0953] - Nadab [I] is killed by Baasha [I] who destroys all the family of Jeroboam and makes himself king of Israel - 1 Kings 15:27-33 

[3178/0868 - 3064SP/0940] - Baasha [I] invades Judah and constantly makes war.   He began to fortify Ramah to prevent his subjects from defecting - 2 Chr. 15:9, 1 Kings 15:16, 32, 2 Chr. 16:1

[—————--3064SU/0940] - Asa [J] hires Benhadad, king of Syria to stop the building up of Ramah.  Asa [J] is rebuked by the prophet Hanan for seeking outside help.  Asa [J] throws Hanan into prison and also oppressed some of the people - 1 Chr. 16:1-14

                     - Benhadad attacks other cities in Israel forcing Baasha [I] to stop fortifying Ramah - 1 Kings 15:20-21, 2 Chr. 16:4-5, Is. 9:1

[3188/0858 - 3074SU/0930] - Baasha [I] dies and his son Elah [I] becomes king

[—————--3075SU/0929] - Zimri [I] murders Elah [I] and his entire family and reigns for seven days - 1 Kings 16:15-18

[3189/0857 - 3075SU/0929] - Omri [I] and Tibni [I] fight for the throne, Omri wins - 1 Kings 16:8, 21-22

[3194/0853 - 3080SU/0924] - Omri [I] moves the capital of Israel from Tirzah to Samaria on the hill of Samaria - 1Kings 16:23-24

[3200/0846 - 3086SU/0918] - Omri [I] dies and his son Ahab [I] becomes king - 1 Kings 16:28-29

[—————--3097SU/0907] - Jehoshaphat [J] makes a marriage alliance with Ahab [I].  Ahab’s daughter, Athaliah, marries Jehoshaphat’s [J] son, Jehoram - 2 Chr. 18:1

[—————--3099AU/0906] - Eleventh Jubilee

[—————--3103SP/0901] - Benhadad, king of Syria, attacks Samaria and is defeated - 1 Kings 20:1-43

[—————--3104SU/0900] -  Benhadad again attacks Israel and is defeated by Ahab [I] who lets him go in peace and is judged by God for that action - 1 Kings 20:1-43, 22:1

[—————--3015/0899] - Ahab [I] wants Naboth’s vineyard, his wife, Jezebel, has Naboth killed to get it for Ahab [I].  Elijah pronounces God’s judgment but because Ahab [I] repented the judgement is delayed - 1 Kings 21:1-29 

NOTE:  Jehosphaphat [J] and Ahab [I] both had sons named Jehoram so Jehoram [J] and Jehoram [I] are not the same person.

[—————--3106SU/0898] - Ahab [I] makes his son, Ahaziah [I], viceroy - 1 Kings 22:51

[3220/0826 - 3107SU/0897] - Ahab [I] asks Jehoshaphat [J] to join him in battle against Ramothgilead.  400 false prophets predicted victory, God’s prophet, Micaiah predicted defeat.  Jehoshaphat [J] barely escapes with his life [and is later reproved for helping Ahab by the prophet Jehu] and Ahab is killed - 1 Kings 22:1-53, 2 Chr. 18:1-34, 19:1-2

                      - Ahaziah [I] begins sole reign

                      - Moab revolts from Israelite rule - 2 Kings 1:1, 3:5, 2 Sam. 8:2

[—————--3108AU/0897] - Jehoshaphat [J] in partnership with Ahaziah [I] builds a fleet to get gold from Ophir.  God reproves Jehoshaphat [J] through His prophet, Eliezer, and the fleet is destoryed - 1 Kings 22:49, 2 Chr. 20:35-37   

[—————--3108WI/0896] - Ahaziah [I] injures himself and sends messengers to as the god Baalzebub if he would recover.  Elijah intercepts them condemning the king for not asking God and predicting the king would die.  Ahaziah [I] sends soldiers to capture Elijah.  The first two sets are killed with fire from heaven and Elijah voluntarily goes with the third set to tell the king he will die - 2 Kings 1:1-18, 1 Kings 22:51

[3221/0825 - 3108SP/0896] - Ahaziah [I] dies and his brother Jehoram [I] reigns - 2 Kings 3:1

                     - Elijah goes to heaven in fiery chariot - 2 Kings 2:1-25  


[——————3109SP/0895] - Israel, Judah and Edom unite to attack Moabites.  The prophet Elisha miraculously supplies the army with water and predicts their success - 2 Kings 3:1-27, Amos 2:1

[——————3120WI/0884] - Jehoram [I] and Ahaziah [J] join forces to attack Hazel, king of Syria.  Jehoram [I] is wounded and escapes to Jezeel to recover - 2 Kings 8:1-29

                   - Elisha sends a son of the prophets to anoint Jehu king of Israel and commission him to destroy the house of Ahab - 2 Kings 9:1-37

[3232/0814 - 3120SP/0884] - Jehu [I] kills Jehoram [I] and Jezebel.  When Ahaziah [J] goes to Jezeel to see how Jehoram [I] is doing, Jehu kills him.  Jehu [I] wiped out Ahab’s [I] family and destroyed Baal worship but kept the golden calves - 2 Kings 9:1-37, 2 Kings 10:13-14, 28-36, 2 Chr. 22:1-9

[3233/0813——————] - Approx. date of the founding of Carthage.

[——————3148AU/0857] - Twelfth Jubilee

[3261/0785 - 3148SP/0856] - Jehu [I] dies and and his son Jehoahaz [I] reigns - 2 Kings 13:1

                      - Hazel, king of Syria, cruelly oppresses Israel - 2 Kings 13:3, 7, 22, 2 Kings 8:12

NOTE:  Joash [I] also called Jehoash [I] is not the same person as Joash [J].

[3275/0771 - 3163SP/0841] - Jehoahaz [I] makes his son Jehoash [I] viceroy - 2 Kings 13:10

[3279/0767 - 3163SP/0841] - Jehoahaz [I] dies and Jehoash [I] is sole king - 2 Kings 13:1, 9

                     - Jehoash [I] visits Elisha who predicts he will have 3 victories over the Syrians - 2 Kings 13:14-20

[——————3168SP/0836] - It appears that Jeroboam II [I] was viceroy with his father, Jehoash [I] as he went to war 3 times with Benhadad of Syria - 2 Kings 13:25, 2 Kings 15:1

[——————3178/0826] - Amaziah [J] provokes Jehoash [I] to battle and is defeated - 2 Kings 14:8-14, 2 Chr. 25:17-24  

[3293/0753 - 3179SP/0825] - Jehoash [I] dies and his son Jeroboam II [I] becomes sole king. God used him to restore the former borders of Israel - 2 Kings 14:23-28, 2 Sam. 8:6, 2 Chr. 8:3, Num. 13:21

[—————-3197AU/0808] - Thirteenth Jubilee

[Prophets living during this time:  Isaiah [J], Joel [J], Amos [I], Jonah [I] and Hosea [I].]

[—————-3210/0794] - The kingdom of Macedonia set up by Caranus.

[3334/0712 - 3220/0784] - Jeroboam II [I] died with no immediate successor - Amos 7:1-8:14

[3356/0690 - 3232AU/773] - Zechariah [I] reigns for 6 months - 2 Kings 15:8-12, 10:30

                     - Shallum [I] reigns for 1 month - 2 Kings 15:8, 13

                     - Events foretold by Amos take place - Amos 7:9

[3357/0689 - 3232AU/773] - Menahem [I] becomes king - 2 Kings 15:14-16

[—————-3228SP/0776] - First Greek Olympiad

                     - True Greek history [as opposed to Myth and Legend] begins at this point

[—————-3233SP/0771] - Pul, king of Assyria, invades Israel - 1 Chr. 5:26, 2 Kings 15:17-20, Hosea 5:13 dk05

[3368/0689 - 3243SP/761] - Pekahiah [I] - 2 Kings 15:23

[3370/0676 - 3245SP/759] - Pekah [I] kills Pekahiah and reigns in his place - 2 Kings 15:25-27

[—————-3246AU/0759] - Fourteenth Jubliee

                    - Isaiah sees the glory of God - Is. 6:1-13

[—————-3256SP/0748] - City of Rome founded by Romulus. Rome dates the events of its history [A.U.C. dating] from this time.

[3387/0659——————-] - Isaiah 7:8

[—————-3263SP/071] - Ahaz [J] forsakes God and is forsaken by God.  Rezin [Syria] and Pekah [I] divided their forces and defeat Ahaz [J].  Pekah [I] killed 120,000 soldiers from Judah in one day and carried away 200,000 women, boys and maids.  However, when rebuked buy the prophet, Hadlai, they treated them kindly and released them - 2 Chr. 26:2, 28:5-15, 2 King 14:22, 16:2

[—————-3264SP/0740] - Ahaz [J] asks Tiglathpileser’s help against Israel.  The king of Assyria comes and takes away the people of Reuben, Gad, the half tribe of Manasseh, Naphtali and Galilee - 1 Chr. 5:26, 2 Kings 15:29, 1 Kings 15:20, Is. 9:1

[3390/0656 - 3266SP/739] - Hoshea [I] murders Pekah [I] and takes over the kingdom; however, there is 9 years of civil unrest before his is able to restore peace - 2 Kings 15:30

[3398/0648——————-] - Hoshea [I] reigns [Mauro counts Hoshea’s reign from when he established peace not went he murdered Pekah [I]] 

[—————-3274SP/0730] - Hoshea [I] restores order.


[—————-3276WI/0728] - Hoshea [I] defeated by Shalmaneser of Assyria and forced to pay tribute - 2 Kings 17:3

[————-—3279WI/725] - After consulting with So, king of Egypt, Hoshea [I] refuses to continue paying tribute to Shalmaneser, king of Assyria.

[3404/0642 - 3280WI/724] - Shalmaneser attacks the Moabites first fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah 16:7-11

                                           - Shalmaneser laid waste all Israel ending up at Samaria which he besieged for 3 years

[3406/0640 - 3283WI/721] - Samaria captured and its people taken into captivity.

***The Kingdom Of Israel [Northern Kingdom] is destroyed.  It lasted 254 years after it revolted from the Kingdom of Judah. ***

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