What Does The Bible Teach About Christian Education?

By Glenn Davis

The purpose of these lessons is to examine what the Bible has to say about Christian education, especially in connection to Christian schools.  In times past, when I worked in a Christian School, I have been guilty of telling parents who were withdrawing their children that, "You have to so what you feel is best for your family."  I have come to the conclusion that is a humanist response.  Like so many humanistic statements, it sounds good until examined.    If we are truly committed to Christ there is only one way to judge our actions and run our families - by the Word of God.  What we feel or what we think does not matter if it contradicts the Bible.  If we are truly to become disciples we must put the words of Jesus above all else.

Humanists have long recognized the importance of education.   They have successfully captured the public education system - which was never truly Christian.  They twist and distort the minds of the young leading them to self destruction and eternal consequences.  The main purpose of those behind public education is not teaching things like math, reading, history, etc., but the indoctrination of young minds into self-destructive and ungodly ways.

Many Christians have realized the dangers and have begun to take seriously God instructions on training children.  Sadly, many other Christians blindly offer their treasured children in the fire to the modern Baals and seemed surprised at the destructive results.

In this short course you will discover what the Bible has to say on the subject of Christian education. Christian training institutions includes: Christian schools run by churches, Christian schools run by Christian individuals or organizations, and Christian parents home schooling.   As we will see, all these are valid options for Christian parents and no one option will work for every family.

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What Does The Bible Teach
About Christian Education?

God bless,
Glenn Davis

Adventure story: The Disappearance of Captain Danson.

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