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I Know This!

"He answered and said, Whether he be a sinner or no, I know not: one thing I know, that, whereas I was blind, now I see."  John 9:25

    I love this man.  He is one of the unsung heroes of the Bible.  You should actually back up and read the entire chapter [context is always important].  To summarize:  This man was born blind.  To the disciples he was just an intellectual problem, but to Jesus he was something far more.  Jesus, of course, healed him even through it happened to be the Sabbath.  This got the Pharisees all upset - work on the Sabbath.  Jesus left the scene and this man was hauled before the Pharisees to explain what happened.  They didn't even believe the man was blind until it was confirmed by his parents.   His parents were not going to go any further.  They were not going to risk their position in the community for their son.  This man had to stand alone against the pressure of the most powerful men in Israel.  They tried all their logical-sounding religious arguments - they knew their Scriptures - and social pressure to get him to deny Christ.  This man would not bend - he even went so far as to rebuke them!

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We have to hold on to what Jesus has done for us.  No one can sake that!

What made this man stand straight and strong in the face of all this opposition?  He didn't have all the theological answers.  He wasn't a Bible expert.  All he knew was one thing:  Jesus had changed his life.  He was blind - had never seen in his life - and now he could see.  It was an experience that no one could make him doubt.  He could see!  You can almost feel the excitement that no legalistic Pharisee could dampen.

    How does that relate to us?  A lot of things are going on in this world.  The evolutionists, including those compromisers within the Christian community, rant and rave.  Atheists boast against God and present arguments that God doesn't exist.  Homosexuals cry discrimination and prejudice.  Other religions want tolerance and acceptance, after all, aren't we all on the same path? 

    We may not have all the answers, in fact, it would be impossible to have all the answers!  Although there are many great books and websites which expose the lies of these people and others, we can't know it all.  But we can follow the example of this man.  We do know one thing:  What God has done for us.  All of us were blind spiritually, now we can see.  We can have a dynamic relationship with God.  No one can argue that away...unless we let them.  Focus on what you do know - what God as done for you - not on what you don't know.

    Sometimes we are afraid to talk to others because we don't have all the answers.  We only have to know and share one thing - what God has done for us.  If we know some of the other answers, great, if not we can hold to the one thing we do know.

    I am not saying that we shouldn't study to answer some of these critics, but we should not loose our focus.  We can spend so much time in answering arguments that our life gets distracted from what God wants for us.  In the long run it must be the Holy Spirit that convicts the heart, not logic, emotion, or anything else.  And you have something going for you that all the enemies of Gospel don't have.  Deep in the heart of every human being is the desire to know God.  Your experience may be just the thing to bring that desire to the conscious level.  You can confidently proclaim, "This one thing I KNOW!"

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