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The Study Of God

Theology I

Theology I is a detailed course which begins the Theology series with the study of God. We will study the existence of God, the nature of God, the works of God and much more. You will be systematically led through the Scriptures. You will see for yourself what God has revealed about Himself in the Bible.

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The study of Biblical doctrines, including the study of God, is a vital, but neglected part of the Christian life. Paul always began his teaching with doctrine and then moved to practical applications. What we really believe drives our entire life and world-view. It is so important to know and believe the Truth. Focusing on practical applications without knowing basic Christian teaching is like trying to build a house with no foundation. It may look good for awhile, but it will collapse. Build on a good foundation.

Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and aliens, but fellow citizens with God’s people and members of God’s household, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone. In him the whole building is joined together and rises to become a holy temple in the Lord. Eph. 2:19-21, NIV

Theology I: The Study Of God is a free email course which begins our theology series on the basic beliefs of Christianity.  Know what you believe...and why,

This course is for serious students of the Word of God who want to do a study of God to understand Him better. It was developed by Rev. LeRoy Davis for use in his Bible School classes. Take a peek at part of the first lesson below.

From the first lesson…

Theology is the science of God and of the relationship between God and the universe.

The material for theology comes from finite things as they relate to God. Anthropology is a part of theology because man and his nature is the work of God. In addition, God's dealing with the human being gives us a better understanding of God, and His character. Theology teaches about God, His works and activities, in the study of those works and activities. All science needs theology to have a full explanation.

The objective of theology is to discover and confirm the facts relating to God. The obtaining of these facts and the relationship between God and the universe, together with the display of them in their unity as parts of an over all system of truth brings focus to theology. The discovery of facts does not create them, but reveals them.

The discover of facts makes theology a science. Science observes, records and authenticates and puts into a proper form the facts. It includes the recognition and explanation of the relationship between the facts. In addition, it puts together the facts with rational principles into a proper proportional co-ordinated system. A true theology thinks the thoughts of God. Therefore, the arrangements of those facts and their relationship is determined by the material beings studied. Like a contractor brings together various components and skills to give shape to the vision of the architect.

Some object to looking a theology as a science because, God and His relationship to the universe is a matter of faith. Faith it is claimed has no place in science. No matter what basis anything is studied from faith is involved. The Christian begins with the foundation of the existence of God.

Physical science rests upon faith, in our existence, the world, others, faith in such things as space, time, cause, substance, design, right. Even such things as faith in the trustworthiness of our own faculties and the testimony of others. Science is not rejected because things unverifiable are accepted as fact through faith.

"Faith - belief - is the organ by which we apprehend what is beyond our knowledge." (Faith and knowledge are inseparable. Faith is not antithetical to knowledge it is a larger and more fundamental type of knowledge. Faith is never opposed to knowledge, only to sight. If theology is to be destroyed, because it starts from primary terms and propositions, all sciences are destroyed with it.)

Below you may sign up for the complete free Student's Notes of this course on the study of God. They are detailed and will lead you to a good knowledge of this subject. You will receive one lesson every 7 days until you complete the course or unsubscribe. Theology I has a Feed Yourself component for students to practice what they learned in that course to this course on the study of God.

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