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The Law Of God

There is a lot of confusion in Christian circles about the place of God’s Law in today’s world.  Biblical Law is a vital topic for us to understand if we are to disciple the nations as Jesus commanded us to do.  This stream is not looking at the application of specific laws - many of those articles can be found under Christian Social Theory.  What this stream is looking at is the general principles of how and why the Law applies today and some of the objections to it.

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Brook One

Articles on the Law of God and today's society.

The first thing we have to consider is whether the Laws of God even apply today.  Were they strictly for national Israel or are they God’s standard for all time?

Is The Law Of God Valid Today?

Eddy One

This email course, originally titled Life Line, looks at the principles of God’s Law, how it applies today, how it works with love and grace and much more.  Be sure to sign up for it to enrich your understanding of this vital topic.

Master Life

Brook Two

As we look around us today, the very laws that are meant to protect us seem to protect the criminals and promote crime instead.  The reason is that they are based on a humanistic positive law system.  Discover why that doesn’t work.

Why Is Modern Positive Law Unable To Prevent Evil?

Brook Three

There is within our hearts the cry for justice.  We do not want to see evil go unpunished.  Yet many times this seems to conflict with the principle of forgiveness.  

The Desire For Justice 

Brook Four

If we are to have a Godly vision for the nations, we must accept Biblical Law.

Vision For The Nations

Brook Five

From a surface reading of some Scriptures, it may appear that the Law of God brought sin.  That is not a truly Biblical teaching.

Were People Innocent Of Sin Before The Law?

Brook Six

Some Christians believe that God’s Law was specifically tailored to the culture that Israel lived in.  They say that the Law was superior to Laws of other nations at that time, but modern man has improved on law for our culture.  

Is Man’s Law Better Than God’s Law?

Brook Seven

Is it true that God offered Israel a covenant of grace at Mount Sinai which was rejected and so He reluctantly gave them a covenant of law?

Did Israel Reject Relationship In Favour Of The Law?

Brook Eight

Some Christians are embarrassed by some of the laws of God.  Instead of working on understanding the Word of God, they make excuses.

Excuses For God

Brook Nine

Dr. Gary North has written many books explaining the application of the Law of God in today’s world.  Here are quotes from one of his books.

Quotes from Liberating Planet Earth by Gary North

This stream will continue flowing as we add more articles…

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