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The Great Plan Of God

”And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.” Gen. 3:15

Here we have the very first promise of the coming Redeemer and revelation of the plan of God. It came at mankind’s darkest hour. In the very first covenant God made with man [Edenic or Covenant of Works] God had offered Himself and eternal Life on the basis of perfect obedience. In fact, there was only one thing that God had told Adam not to do.

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Think of it, an entire world and life...and only one possible sinful decision. We are confronted with sinful choices all the time and our sinful nature wants to make the wrong choice. Adam’s nature desired to obey God, and He only had one choice that would have been sinful.

It is important to see that in the Edenic Covenant, there was no provision for failure. In other words, no second chance was offered - in the day you eat of the tree, you die. Period.

The Great Plan Of God.

We know Adam sinned. That was the darkest day of humanity...cut off from God Who is Life with NO offer of restoration. It was finished. It was over. Our destiny was sealed. God was under no obligation to do anything else. The covenant was simple and we violated it.

Yet, as God was handing out the punishment so justly deserved, He gave a ray of hope. The plan of God was that out of His Love and of His Own free will, He would offer a way back. He promised that one day Someone would come Who would destroy the work of the Serpent - although He would be wounded in the process.

The rest of the Old Testament builds on this promise as over about 4,000 years the plan of God was worked out. There were other dark days, but the light never went completely out. The promise of Genesis 3:15 was coming. The Old Testament expands and adds further light to this plan of God. We, in the New Covenant period, can with joy look back and watch God work out His plan of redemption in human history. [We do this in Covenants.]

About 2,000 years ago it happened! All that preparation paid off and Jesus Christ was born! The plan of God was being fulfilled. We celebrate it on Dec. 25 and what a celebration it should be. After 4,000 years of working and waiting He arrived, the One to crush the serpert’s head, destroy sin, and bring us back into relationship with God. WOW! He came. Let’s dance and shout! If He had not come there would have been no hope, we would have been sealed to a dark destiny of an eternal living death. The plan of God would have failed.

The fact that God became flesh and dwelt among us is great and what we celebrate, and rightly so, at this time of year. But that was not enough. He not only had to come, but also He had to crush the serpent’s head. For 33 1/2 years heaven and earth held its breath...the destiny of every human being hung on One Life. One slip, one mistake, one sin and it was all over. Is it any wonder this has been called, “The Greatest Week Of History” [Rev. LeRoy Davis]? [To look at this “week” in detail take The Seventy Weeks Of Daniel.]

What riotous joy should be ours...He came...He conquered...and He rules forever more. The plan of God was completed!

Christmas can bring a lot of different things to different people: joy, giving, family, belonging, loneliness, frustration, debt... However you view the Christmas season, remember: He came and set you free from sin and placed you in right relationship to the Father. You can now enter His presence at anytime. In fact, you, as a Christian, can develop and enjoy a closer relationship with God that Adam had! Jesus really has restored everything Adam lost.

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