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Your Word Is Eternal

"Your word, O Lord, is eternal; it stands firm in the heavens.  Your faithfulness continues through all generations; you established the earth, and it endures. Your laws endure to this day, for all things serve You."  Ps. 119:89-91, NIV

Your Word - The Word of the Lord is the foundation of all that is.  It was by the Word of the Lord that all things were created about 6,000 years ago.  It is by the Word of the Lord that everything currently exists and is maintained.  It is the Word of the Lord that guarantees victory for His purposes and His people in the future.  God's Word cannot return void, it will always accomplish the purpose for which it was given.

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Beyond that, the Word of God is not primary an audible thing nor is it the Bible.  The Word of God is the Person of Jesus Christ Who perfectly reveals the Father.  The Bible is the infallible record of some of the works of the One Who is the Word of God.  We study the Bible to know the Word, to know Jesus.

It is Your Word.  Jesus is not our word.  He is not our servant.  He is not ours to command.  He is the living Word of God.  It is His to command.  We come from His Word and only live and exist as He speaks the Word. 

O Lord - God is the Lord.  He is the One in charge.  He does not run a democracy.  His Word is Law.  It is to be unquestioningly obeyed.  We like to question and understand everything.  Usually understanding comes after obedience.  God does not have to explain Himself, although many times He does.  But what He requires is submission to His Lordship.  Christianity is not about options, it about obedience.  A world in rebellion does not understand this and thinks it is foolish when, in fact, the only sane course of action is to be aligned with the Word of the Lord.

is eternal - Since Jesus is the Word of God, we would expect it to be eternal.  The Word of God had no beginning and no end.  Everything He speaks is eternal. God never changes His mind, He never recalls His Word.  People who think that God is different in the Old Testament than in the New Testament or that the Old Testament, like the Law of God, is no longer applicable do not really view the Word of God as eternal.  They see it as ending at a point in time.  True, in the final New Testament age, some of the applications have changed, but the Word has not changed.  The Word is eternal.

it stands firm - The Word of God cannot be shaken.  Men and demons have tried to shake the Word of God.  They have tried to bring it to no effect.  They have tried to overthrow it.  Sexual perverts today raise their fist against the Word of God, they mock Him, they infiltrate schools and in the name of anti-bullying actively promote their rebellion to God and corrupt young minds.  But in the long run, like every force that tries to undo the Word of God, it will fail.  Unfortunately, many lives may be brought to ruin in the process if Christians will not stand on the Word of God. 

We should never be embarrassed by the Word of God either in the personal form of Jesus Christ or the written form of the Holy Bible.  Yet Christians over waver.  They do not stand firm.  They compromise on evolution, on sexual license, on the murder of children, on just about everything.  Only as we stand on the Word of God - weathering every storm the devil sends at us - can we stand firm for eternity.

in the heavens - The Word of God being firm in the heavens is like when Jesus told Pilate that His kingdom was not of this world.  He did not mean that His Kingdom did not affect this planet, but that its source was higher than the earth.  Even so, God's word in the heavens shows it origin.  It did not originate on earth.  It is not from this earth.  It is in the heavens untouchable by the things of earth.  It is firm and established and comes from heaven to earth.  Nothing on earth can ever change it.  Jesus, as the ultimate Word of God, came from heaven to earth.  He did not begin as a baby born of Mary.  He has been established in the heavens from all eternity.

Your faithfulness - It is God's faithfulness we depend on.  We often look to man because that is who we can see.  We trust in man and are often disappointed.  Our eyes need to be on God.  It is His faithfulness we can trust.

God is faithful.  It is one of His attributes.  He cannot deny Himself.  He sustains the universe and all that is in it.  One word from Him and it would all be destroyed, but He is faithful.  He continues to look after His creation even through it is in rebellion to Him.  How much more will He be faithful to those who trust in Him and look to Him.

continues through all generations - God is eternal and He thinks and acts generationally.  Our society has become individualistic.  We tend to think only of what effects us or what we can accomplish.  The future is not built with such thinking.  The error of dispensationalism in the church has contributed to this.  God is faithful to all generations.  He works and builds generationally.  He sees our children and our children's children and our children's children's children, etc.  God is not a short term planner.  He will make short term sacrifices for long term benefit.  We, too, must lift up our eyes past ourselves and our time.  We must stand for truth and righteousness that the generations to come may have a firm foundation. 

God's faithfulness does not skip a generation, but He is faithful to all generations of those who love and serve Him.  We do not have to be afraid of what will happen in the future to our generations.  God is in control and He is faithful.  We can work hard in the present and trust God for the future‚Ķuntil the end of time.

You established the earth - God is the One Who establishes the earth.  He created it and He maintains it.  He is the Owner of the Universe and no demonic socialist is going to wrestle it from His hands.  It is His and He will do what He pleases with His own creation.

and it endures - The earth continues on because God has declared it so.  No man-made Climate Change myth or atomic bomb is going to destroy the earth.  Christians should respect and care for the earth as a part of God's creation, but we are not to be deceived and driven by the fear-mongers who seek power and control through manipulating people's fears with falsehoods and half-truths.

Your laws endure to this day - When God designed the universe, He designed it to operate on certain principles or laws.  As we discover the physical laws we can harness the power God has placed in His creation and improve the lives of people for the glory of God.  As we live according the God's moral laws we also find that life "works."  The people who parade and protest against God's moral laws are just as foolish as people who would protest against the Law of Gravity.  A Law of God is law in any sphere of life and cannot be changed.  You either work with it and prosper or work against it and are destroyed.

for all things serve You. - God is Creator and Lord.  He is in total control and bends even the designs of the wicked to suit His purposes.  All things will glorify God in the end.  Even in eternity those who are saved will glorify God's love, mercy and grace and those who are lost will glorify His justice and judgment.   It is much better to bow the knee before Jesus Christ now and accept His offer of forgiveness than to bow the knee later and feel His eternal wrath.

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